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22/06/2014 · Okay before you say lol thats a bad build, heres my reasoning. Ive gone for a sonic boom, silence build because one, I love Nyxs chaos due to when you cast it all the enemies in range get stunned which leads me to why i like the new silence, you. Silence can be used as a form of crowd control due to the momentary stun dealt to enemies entering its field. This is most useful for Banshees engaging in melee combat, as they can stun ranged enemies simply by approaching them, giving them time to close the distance and engage. Hey guys and today we’re going to take a look at Banshee and Banshee Prime specifically the Banshee Resonance Build which is a fantastic build that you can use in all kinds of different missions. It’s kind of like the most versatile one and it’s my most used Banshee build by far. Don't build for resonating quake. Easy but very boring gameplay. Personally I use either a resonance sonar build or a savage silence build. These builds are good for sortie 3 level enemies, though you need to be moving all the time to not get hit. Banshee Resonating Quake Build. Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe build article. As you probably know, Resonating Quake mod got changed last month and because of that today we’re going to take a look at some Banshee Resonating Quake Builds and find out if the mod is still worth it or not.

11/12/2015 · Silence: An underrated ability of Banshee, but one that takes some skill to use. Silence is best with a shorter range, which is why I don't use Overextended in this build. Silence has three main uses; First, it's great when your team is rushing to the exit, as. Banshee is easy to acquire, but she is not a newb friendly Frame. The way I play run&gun Banshee is with Stretch and utilizy Silence's boundry as my engagement line at ~30m. Enemies come to a halt and I can easely destroy them with damage boost and map markers from Sonar. 10/04/2016 · I dont know how to start these. I need a a few builds for Banshee because im horrible at builds. I need a build for sound quake, for when im dcking around with friends in a T1 defense and i need to clear the room, a build for silence, and a build for sonar, which is technically the same as sound.

However, you also need to regularly use her 1st Sonic boom and 3rd Silence; sonic boom provides a very good knockdown and silence is semi-decent CC due to a stun. I say semi-decent because the stun only lasts for a few seconds. The main thing to remember with this build, is to be mobile; Banshee is squishy, so never stop moving. 13/02/2018 · hey guys, what stats should i focus on for the new sound quake build? i have the augment resonating quake currently my stats are duration 96 effi 160 range 160 strength 185. was doing the 1st sortie today which was a defense on hydron. and my 4 barely does. Release Date: March 18th, 2013 Banshee is a sound-themed Warframe. Sophisticated acoustic powers enable Banshee to pinpoint enemy positions and weak spots, suppress gunfire sounds in her surrounding environment, and even emit trembling vibrations to topple her foes.

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